Genroku Sushi which ancestor goes around

The history of conveyor belt sushi

Birth of conveyor belt sushi


Idea of conveyor belt sushi is born from beer factory of Suita-shi, Osaka.

Birth of conveyor belt sushi!

We were born in the 20th century, and "conveyor belt sushi" which one of the food culture in Japan came to include has begun to open now to the world.
The origin was "the Genroku Sushi first shop which turned around" of Genroku era industry that opened in Higashiosaka-shi in April, 1958 (Showa 33).
It was the founder of Genroku era industry, and "turning type meal stand" which biological parent of conveyor belt sushi, late Yoshiaki Shiraishi (ex-President) got hint in belt conveyor used for production of beer factory and developed did "sushi" which was pronoun of high quality in simple public meal, and what built the basics of today's conveyor belt sushi did by opening.

Late Yoshiaki Shiraishi Genroku era industry ex-President

Conveyer turning-type meal stand is completed
We open "the Genroku Sushi first shop turning around" in Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka

The patent acquisition of "conveyer turning-type meal stand"
The first shop of franchise opens "Genroku Sushi" in Sendai-shi, Miyagi Omachi Station
We participate, and it is opened a store by international exposition in Japan
We are commended and attract attention of meal excellence shop from the whole country
We fix low price, rate clear statement to weapon in society
jidokyuchasooki is developed

The 50, Showa generation
... 1985
Conveyor belt sushi boom lasts
By low price, introduction of sushi robot, major chain enters
Exhibit mainly on City Planning Department; office worker in the prime as for the target layer
The 60, Showa generation
Early period of ... Heisei
Major chain let standardization of distribution systematization and store administration have probability
Conveyor belt sushi in market of 500 billion yen industry